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Welcome To Sullivan University

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Meet The Team

Sarah Carney headshot

Sarah Carney-Seaborne

Associate Director of Admissions

Anna Chambers headshot

Anna Chambers

Regional High School Admissions Advisor

Ao Johnson

LaDon Johnson

Regional High School Admissions Advisor

Lp Headshot

Lauren Pechota

High School Admissions Advisor


Rebecca Riesenberg

High School Admissions Advisor

Kennedy Sallee headshot

Kennedy Sallee

High School Admissions Advisor

Ao Trail

Sarah Trail

National High School Admissions Advisor

Samantha Wegner Headshot

Samantha Wegner

High School Admissions Advisor

Ao White

Bobbie White

New Student Coordinator

Marika Adams 2

Marika Wesolosky

Associate Director of High School Admissions

SU Advantages


Our Focus is You

You'll never be a face in the crowd at Sullivan. We believe the more personal attention you receive, the more successful you will be, so our classes are kept small and your instructors will be invested in your progress from the start.


No Fluff Education

Sullivan's career-focused curriculum is designed to prepare you for the real world, which means almost every class you take will be directly related to your career field. If you don't need it, we don't teach it. Plus, you start on your major classes your first quarter.


Real World Instructors

The instructors at Sullivan University don’t just deal in theory; they deal in reality. We select instructors who are experienced in the fields they teach so they can share their insider knowledge with you.


Fridays are for You

With our four-day week class schedule, Fridays are considered “plus” days that you can use to work one-on-one with your instructors, catch up on homework or just relax.


Tutoring Available

The Academic Resource Center offers free one-on-one tutoring based on specific subjects. There is also writing assistance to help you ace you next paper!


Accredited Education

Sullivan is a recognized leader in preparing students for demanding careers, with programs and courses accredited and regulated by the industry’s most respected organizations. Sullivan meets the highest standards so that our students can, too.


Career Services

A stable, successful career is your motivation, and helping you find one is ours. That's why career search assistance comes standard—we will connect you with job opportunities in your field upon graduation and throughout your career. Plus, you'll receive review privileges.


...Sullivan is different because the school as a whole cares about its students.

- Erica SmithBusiness Management

Career-Focused Programs

The SU Way of Life

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